Teaching Students to Be Good Digital Citizens

Like it or not, the Internet is here to stay and is growing more interactive all the time. Our students use it as a source of information, creativity, and entertainment. Digital technolgies allow any time, any place access. It is tremendously important that our students learn to make well-informed decisions about how they use these digital tools.

Smart, ethical digital citizens:
1. Know how to be safe online.
2. Keep personal information of self and others private.
3. Use good digital manners.
4. Treat others with kindness and respect.
5. Understand and respect the intellectual property of others and follow copyright law.
6. Treat equipment with responsibility and respect.

Resources for online safety, protecting digital reputations, cyberbullying..

**Digital Reputation: Resources for Educators** How to protect and manage your online reputation
The Sky's the LimitMaterials for Parents: With a great online reputation, the sky is the limit for your kids.
Cyberbullying Video and Resourcesfor middle schoolers
Are You a Responsible Digital Citizen? An interactive activity for middle school students presenting school day scenarios.
Wired Safety Excellent resource about cyberbullying including suggestions for those who are being bullied and a kit for educators; tips about safe chat, identity theft, downloading safely, online shopping and more.
Wired KidsGreat games and infomration for parents, teachers and kids
SafeKidsInternet Safety and Civility
SafeTeens Internet Safety for Teens Blog articles and resources about online safety topics

Great video about our digital footprints...

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