North Carolina Information and Technology Education Skills
This page is intended to serve as a resource for understanding and teaching the NC Information and Technology Essential Skills.

Information and Technology Essentials
NC DPI Essential Standards Grades K-5
NC DPI Essential Standards Grades 6-8
Essential Skills Comparison Chart

All Curriculum
NC DPI New Standards and Common Core Essentials

NC DPI Instructional Support Tools

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy
Overview and comparison of original taxonomy and revised version
Cognitive Process Chart
Knowledge Process Chart

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Understanding how to link technology tools to the taxonomy behaviors to facilitate learning.
Resources for Bloom's Digital Taxonomy-
Detailed charts and examples of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
QuickSheet for Remembering
QuickSheet for Understanding
QuickSheet for Applying
QuickSheet for Analysis
QuickSheet for Evaluating
QuickSheet for Creating

Using Google Software tools to support Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

Research Strategies
Big 6 Research Resources
Big 6 Website with sample lessons
Reading Rockets Inquiry Chart
Research Process Rubric for Middle School
Save the Web for Later-An article about bookmarking and other strategies for research

Search Strategies
Safety and Ethical Practices
Evaluating resources for reliability, credibilty, bias, relevance, point of view
Wading through the Web:Teaching Internet Research Strategies
Teaching Students to Effectively Use Internet Resources