Our Magellan Maker Space
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Still brainstorming our maker space name-watch for our contest soon.

Here is our current tagline:


Videos: What is a Makerspace? What would you like to make?

Article from Harrison: 3 Challenges As Hands-On DIY Culture Moves to Schools

Meeting Notes:

Ideas from Romy: Maker Space Ideas


Storage Ideas


Other Ideas for Furniture - Set Up

High Work Benches/Tables
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Build Your Own: PVC High Table Plan

5 Ways Design Thinking Can Empower Your Students

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What is design thinking?

Design thinking for kids
Teaching Design Process

Good handouts to work through design process with students(Wendy)
Creating a design challenge for students
Example design project using a design thinking process: Another example:
Videos (and other media) for teaching design process

Design cycle.png

Introduction to Creating-Five stages of Making

Here is another 'design thinking' model from Stanford University's Design School : (would have to alter to make more child friendly)

Key Ideas of Design Thinking

  • Human-centered design: Empathy for the person or people you are designing for, and feedback from users, is fundamental to good design.
  • Experimentation and prototyping: Prototyping is not simply a way to validate your idea; it is an integral part of your innovation process. We build to think and learn.
  • A bias towards action: Design thinking is a misnomer; it is more about doing that thinking. Bias toward doing and making over thinking and meeting.
  • Show don’t tell: Build a model if you can. Create the experience, using visuals, and telling good stories communicate your vision in an impactful and meaningful way.
  • Power of iteration: Process should emphasize getting feedback and incorporating changes - a recursive process. A person’s fluency with design thinking is a function of cycles, so we challenge participants to go through as many cycles as possible—interview twice, sketch twice, and test with your partner twice. Additionally, iterating solutions many times within a project is key to successful outcomes.

Tools and Resources for Making

Build with Chrome Lego Builder