Notes from NCTIES 2010

Again this year there were great presentations and resources shared at the North Carolina Technology in Education Conference (NCTIES). Interesting, but not unexpected, that many sessions were about collaborative tools like social networking applications and free tools such as the web 2.00 apllications and Google tools. Also an emphasis on formative assessment and data driven assessment. A collection of quick notes from sessions that I attended is listed below.

Blog comments at Onboard.

Beyond Personal Learning Networksand Other Topics from Bethany Smith at NCSU Creating a PLN Tools

Digital Makeover: Reading

Google: Google Forms in Google Docs are a great way to gather data. Data spills directly into an Excel-type spreadsheet/ database. Set up your iGoogle page or a Google Site to collect all of your many contacts, feeds and resources. Create custom searches from your Google Site to limit students to web sites that you've listed for the assignment. Use Google Talk to work collaboratively on tasks. Are you conducting scholarly research or are your students (high school, college+)? Use Google Scholar. Find online copies of books for your students in Google Books.

Great integration of a variety of technology tools by 7th grade teacher Jennifer Drury See ideas and resources at
New SMART Board 10.6 Notebook software included new math tools and transparent page. Resource for educators: Carolina SMART Educators

Great integration of Google Earth with media from Justin Karkow at Discovery Education. Use Google 5's new features- historical maps, underwater, the moon... Add Placemarks to mark locations and insert Discovery Ed media such as video clips about the location, picutres, audio files of speeces...Use for all subject areas. Presentation at:

Popular web 2.0 tools: Teacher Toolbox by Clif Mims Love Posterous Add docs, images, etc. by email or from your computer and they are automatically embedded and displayed on your page.
TikaTok Students can author electronic books-scan and upload their own illustrations, type text, edit. Bound copies of the books can be ordered from the store.
Audio BooCreate your own free Boo easily-an audio soundtrack .
See more great information at Clif' Mim's website