Social Studies ResourcesThe Flow of History This webiste contains more than 200 flow chart visuals and PowerPoint lectures about periods in history. A great resource.History Chef Combine historical information with an opportunity to cook favorite foods-great for homework-parent/child cooking sessions or for sparking interest.
Zoom Into Maps From the Library of Congress.
Using historic maps with subjects such as migration and settlement, travel and transportation, military and pictorial maps, students learn basic map reading skills. There is also a section called Unusual Maps that includes ideas on how these maps can be used in the classroom.

Teaching History with Technology: Ideas about Blogging Example social studies class blogs.

Free C-Span Video Library A collection of video clips aired since 1987.

Collections of great websites reviewed by the American Library Association and identified by grade levels (elementary, middle school, etc.) :
US History Best Websites for Kids from the ALA
US History:Pre-Colonial to 1865 Best Websites for Kids from the ALA
World History Best Websites for Kids from the ALA
Cultures fo the World Great Websites for Kids from the ALA
Geography and Maps Great Websites for Kids from tne ALA
Great Websites for News and Current Events from the ALA
Great Websites for Kids about Politics and Government from the ALA
Interactive Map Games
Social Studies Central A web collection of online resources, blog, web 2.0 tools, lesson plans for social studies topics

Lessons and interactive games in civics for kids-branches of government, etc. at iCivics.
USA games Games about the 50 states, capitals

We Shall Remain New series about Natives Americans by PBS. Can be viewed online. Contains a teacher's guide for activities to integrate with the classroom..

Teaching the Civil War with Technology