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VoiceThread is an online media album which can be created to share and hold collaborative "discussions" using many types of media (images, audio, video, documents, presentations).
What is a VoiceThread?

How to Make a voiceThread in One Minute

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VoiceThreads for Education A presentation of different ways to use VoiceThread

Seventeen Interesting Ways to Use VoiceThreads in the Classroom A presentation of examples

What is a VoiceThread? Examples of ways to use it to support instruction in the classroom

Letters of Interment 4th graders write and read letters from Japanese Americans who were interred during World War II

Classroom 2. Teachers from around the world demonstrate VoiceThread capabilites by discussing it as an application

Seasons Students contribute pictures and descriptions of the seasons where they live

Color Poems Students read their poems while the accompanying photo illustration is displayed.

A Collection of 3rd Grade Weather Poems Students share weather knowledge through poems and beautiful drawings

Summarizing Tall Tales Third graders illustrate and summarize several tall tales

Fantasy Book Reviews Students review and comment about various books

Using VoiceThread and the SMART Board to Teach How to Measure Angles

An Egg-cellent Experiment How to Use VoiceThread for student created lab reports

Science Fair Project A student describes his experiment

Cell Models Students share and explain their cell models

Many Voices on Darfur An Analysis and discussion of political cartoons

Voices of the World Students from around the world connect

Beijing, China: Tianamen Gate Students add information about the sgnificance of the gate

Mathlincs Geometric Problems from Aound the World

2nd Grade Mathcast Using VoiceThreads for students to demonstrate knowledge of calculations

Triangle Hunt Students locate, analyze and discuss various triangle around them

100 Ways to Use VoiceThread in Education: View the VoiceThread and add your ideas


Creating a One Minute Voice Thread

Comment ModerationTutorial

The Blurb Blog about Voice Thread Training and Tutorials

Voicethread and Digital Conversations Great resources for plannning

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Free Avatar Maker for VoiceThread Identities