World View Symposium: Creating a Global Media Center

Presentation: Organizing Global Projects and Resources: World Folktale Partners

May 4, 2011 3:45-5:00

As an instructional technology specialist in a charter school without a media center, it is my role to locate and provide resources for students and teachers, to assist in planning, integration and implementation of information and technology skills, and to provide technology professional development. It is also my role to provide leadership in global education.
Like many of the participants, I work with teachers to determine curricular connections where global activities can be integrated. I locate project ideas, resources, and tools to integrate, then create the project structure with the teachers. I also teach the students and teachers how to use the technology tools to carry out the project objectives when necessary.

In this session, participants will become acquainted with three tools that can be used to organize projects and project resources.
They will explore Edmodo, a safe and secure collaboration space, Jog the Web to package research websites in a global learning task, and explore a LiveBinder full of web 2.0 presentation tools and directions, while reviewing their use as part of a global folk tales project.

Workshop Presentation by JMunoz

Back Channel questions and comments can be posted here during the workshop.

Folktale Partners Projectchildren_world.jpg

 Essential Question: How do folktales reflect the similarities and differences of our countries’ values, history, or cultures?

Complete folktale project lesson plan

Folktale Project Rubric

Folktale Summary worksheet: Students record story elements

Folktale Retelling Guide: Tips and Directions for retelling and for using VoiceThread

Example of Tall Tale Summary by third graders using VoiceThread

Sample VoiceThread project rubric

Project Glog this can be embedded into Edmodo.

Edmodo Online Communityedmodo.jpg
When collaborating with classes from around the world, an online meeting place is often needed. Edmodo, is a free tool that provides a private and safe meeting place where project groups can be created, group codes distributed, documents shared or submitted for grading, online media embedded, and comments posted. Permisions allow for co-teacher management of the online classroom.

Join Edmodo Create a teacher account.
Directions for Edmodo for World View Symposium by JMunoz

Sample user agreement for students/parents from Edmodo.

Edmodo Help: Read A Guide to Explain it All
Edmodo User Guide
Edmodo Webinar Archives and presentationsJog.jpg

Jog the Web

Create and present a collection of websites with annotations or instructions for your students to explore. Use this tool as a website guide for short learning tasks with guiding questions that keep students focused and on task. Quick and easy to use.

Here is a jog of American folktale resources for our collaborative project.

Here is a jog of global project resources that can be used to locate ongoing projects or interested project partners.

Create an account at Jog the Web Educ.
Workshop Directions for creating a Jog.

To create a jog, start by giving the jog a title, description and topic. Then begin adding pages to the jog. The site provides a web browser extension for you to install to easily add these pages or sites to your jog ( for Firefox or IE).
When adding each page, enter a title, the web URL or address and a comment.
In the comment section, the user can add a question or task for students to complete while on this page of the jog.

Watch the following tutorial to learn more about Jog the Web.

Live Binder of Project Tools and Directions

Live Binders is an online application for organizing a collection of resources in a web notebook. These resources can include webpages, text, file attachments, video, and images. The binder is divided into sections by tabs and subtabs. Binders are easy to use and a great way to gather all items into one location. They can be used as an alternative to a wiki page or to collect bookmarks of webpages. Students could also create LiveBinder projects. Although the user policy states that students 13 and under can not create accounts, this is because LiveBinders cannot legally collect e-mail addresses from students 13 and under.Two ways that they suggest to handle this appropriately, would be to have the parents create the account and sign a permission for their child to use it at school, or to have teacher-created accounts using the Google e-mail naming convention.

For the Folktales project, students are referred to the VoiceThread section of a binder of web 2.0 presentation tools.

Live Binders directions for the workshop.

A quick video overview of LiveBinders.

Create a LiveBinders account or login.

LiveBinder It bookmarking tool Add this to your toolbar and quickly add web pages to your binders.
LiveBinders Help page
PowerPoint Presentation for Teachers about LiveBinders

LiveBinder's webinars and podcasts archive Educators provide examples of ways they are using the binders.
Live Binders Tips and Tricks