Web 2.0 Presentation Tools

Ae you looking for ways to share information with your students in engaging ways, or tools for your students to use to share their knowledge with others? There are many free web 2.0 tools available. Go beyond PowerPoint and check out some of these.

Watch an introduction to a few tools from DEN.


A variety of web presentation tools from Cool Tools for Schools

**SlideShare** Upload your PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Adobe pdfs, and even SMART Notebook files to share online. You can add and edit an audio recording to accompany it.

**280Slides** No PowerPoint? Create your presentation online and then download it, upload to SlideShare, or convert it to PowerPoint.

**Prezi** An alternative to conventional slide show presentations. Prezi creates a presentation in an artistic manner on a canvas. Watch the introduction video on the homepage to learn more. Register for a free teacher account or bulk classroom accounts for your students. Click on the Learn tab for quick tutorials to use Prezi.

**Picsviewr** For those with Flickr accounts. Display your photos from Flickr within several different templates to create a new visual presentation of your images.

See information about Glogster, an online multimedia poster presentation tool, and Animoto, a sleek multimedia presentation application on the **Web 2.0 Learning Tools** page.