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Welcome to our Magellan makerspace, a place to imagine, inquire, investigate, innovate, improve, inform and inspire!

Watch these videos or check out the links for background information and directions to help in your iLab creating.

Design Thinking and the Engineering Design Process
Watch a great video explaining Engineering Design

design process2.jpg

Monthly Design Challenges:

Basketball Challenge: It's March Madness, NCAA Basketball Tournament time and we have our iLab basketball challenge for you. Using just newspaper and masking tape, can you construct a tower that will support a basketball for at least 20 seconds?


Windy March and April Challenges:

Accept the challenge to create wind-powered cars, boats and windmills. Test your creations and see whose can move the farthest, travel or turn the fastest.

Stem Challenges-April.jpg

Here's a windmill idea and a way to modify your challenge!
Learn about Windpower at BrainPop (login with the Magellan user information)
Understand more about how wheels and axles work at BrainPop.

Science, Circuits and Engineering Center:

Create a Simple Circuit: What is a circuit?

Creating a Simple Paper Circuit: Paper Circuits

Make a Paper Circuit Bookmark-use coin batteries, copper tape, and an LED light to create a light-up bookmark.


Make a Paper Circuit Light Saber

Look What's New: Thanks to a new donation, we now have Snap Circuits. Come and explore how to use these!snap circuits.jpg

Makey Makey Circuits:

Introduction to Makey Makey:

Makey- Makey Quick Start Guide

Makey-Makey Gallery of ideas

Makey Makey Pop Up Piano

Crafts and Sewing Center: new in April and May-Make a Muppet Puppet! Watch here and come to the iLab to sew!

How to Crochet

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Bracelet
How to Use a Sewing Machine

Lego Creation Station

Image result for 100 Legos challenge
Image result for 100 Legos challenge

Choose a Lego Challenge Card or an activity from the Lego calendar OR accept the
100 Legos Challenge: Using 100 Legos build a creation. using the iPad, take a picture of your plan and your finished design. Add the 100 Legos creation to the iPad Book Creator app and tell about your design.

Green Screen Video and Production Studio


The green screen effect works by combining images from two sources into a single image, using a chromakey filter to create transparent regions in the foreground image and creating a composite result with the background image.

In DoInk you can combine three layers including images, animations, and video clips.

To create a green screen video, you will need:1. An iPad numbered 1-12, an image for your background, a script of your narration, and the green screen background. Do not wear green!2. Send the image to Open the email on the iPad (already logged into appleuser) and save the image to the Camera Roll on the iPad. You can also check the gallery to see what images are already available.3. Watch the video below about using Green Screen by DoInk.4. Select the settings for Back camera and Mp4 file.5. Click + to create a new project. Click Settings for the new project and name it.6. Add your saved image to the bottom row of the timeline by clicking the + and finding the image in the camera roll. Resize or move the image if needed.7. In the second row, select the camera and film your video. Make sure the red line (playhead) is at the beginning of the timeline first. You can also add a video clip that was recorded separately in front of the green screen.8. Select the timeline level you wish and use the toolbar tools if needed to crop the image or adjust the Chromakey filter if needed.9. With the playhead in an active part of the video, click the Share out button and select the highest quality, then Save to the camera roll. Or after the video is previewed, you can click the Share icon and either send it (short video clips) via email to your address, or Save it to the appleuser Google Drive and share it to your user account. Once Shared, make a copy and move it to your Google Drive so it can be deleted from the appleuser account.

3D Design and Printing Studio:

Before using the 3D printer, you will need to learn about 3D design and printing. For most projects we will use a free online application called Tinkercad to design or projects from Thingverse Education.
Create a Thinkercad account according to the directions here and use the coupon code from your teacher or near the 3D printer in the maker space.

1. Go to
2. Students will need to create an account.
3. Use your actual birthdate.
4. Use their Magellan username (example: jmmun92d) and password. No actual first and last name.
5. Use your teacher's email address if they are providing the coupon code) or Mrs. Munoz's email address if you are using the makerspace code. Visit the makerspace to get a code.Do not use a parent or personal address.
6. Your account will be approved by your teacher or Mrs. Munoz.

Before coming to the 3D printer in the iLab, you will need to create or modify a 3D object file. Learn to use Tinkercad and create an object with a great step-by-step tutorial at

Sign up for Ms Computer Teacher using your Magellan Google account.Then locate the Design a Box project. Follow the tutorial to learn the tools and create your project.

Coding and Robotics Center

In this center you can spend time working on coding at, begin basic coding in Scratch (see the two books to guide you) or learn about our robots Dash and Dot and program them using the Wonder Works Apps on the iPad.
To use Dash, turn the power on, then open the app from the iPad. Start with Go to explore the options and features, then try out the other apps.Wonder magazine with Dash and Dot ideas.Can you create a maze and program Dash to travel through it?
Introduction to the Wonder App:

Tutorials for Programming with Scratch

Game Creation: Learn to build a game in Scratch or using Flowlab at Create an account using your Magellan username, then try out the tutorials.Ask Mrs. Munoz for the Bloxels to design and create a video game:

Watch the Bloxels tutorials and learn more about designing your game.

Rube Goldberg is famous for creating fun, but complicated solutions to every day problems. Learn more about his crazy inventions by looking through our resources, then begin by building an amazing marble machine using at least four simple machines.


1. Rube Goldberg website
2. PBS Kids Rube Goldberg machine creations
3. Wonderopolis: What is a Rube Goldberg machine?

Learn about Simple Machines