Partnership for 21st Century SkillsAre you helping your students develop 21st century skills? Do your students use the 5 Cs-critical thinking, creative problem solving, communications, collaboration and cross-cultural relationship building? What role does technology play?

A curated collection of articles about 21st century teaching and learning.

Are you wondering about the role of technology in 21st century learning? Watch this demonstration of a powerful learning model called The Networked Student.


21st Century Skills: Will Our Students Be Prepared? Article from Technology and Learning
Partnership for 21st Century Skills Vision and resources from business leaders, educators, and policymakers.

Framework for 21st Century Learning


21st Century Pedagogy- Good blog post for educators of what this looks like
Digital Nation A Frontline special about the effects of all the digital media on our brains, lives, ability to focus, etc.
21st Century Schools Discussion of 21st century education
21st Century Teaching and Learning -Educational Origami: A blog and wiki with discussion and resources
Link to Tech & Learning webinar: 21st Century Skills- What Do They Look Like?
Image Detective Great activity for teaching visual literacy.

21st Century Instruction

A Guide to Aligning the Common Core State Standards with the Framework for 21st Century Skills: P21 Common Core ToolKit

Source: Educational Origami
Designed by the NSTA: 21st Century Science Skills Map
Designed by the NCSS: 21st Century Social Studies Skills Map
Designed by the NCTE: 21st Century English Skills Map
Life in a Technology-Embedded Science Classroom
Consider what reading, writing and arithmetic literacy means in the 21st century
JigSaw Students as classroom experts-student as "teacher"