All About Blogging

Creating a class blog is a great way to present, reinforce, and encourage the discussion of ideas that you are exploring in your classroom. Allowing students to create their own blogs motivates them to write for an authentic audience and provides a platform to receive feedback about their compositions.

Good blogging tools:
Kidblogs Great tool for creating free student blogs. Blog posts are monitored. No student email addresses required.

21Classes provides one class blog and1ten student blogs with 1 MB storage for free. Additional storage and blog options for $8.95 a month.

Tips for Setting Up Class Blogs by Edublogs
Best Sources for Advice on Student Blogging a blog post with links to several resources
Teachers Challenge A blog with great information, lessons, activities and ideas ofr creating and writing effective blogs.
About Blogging wiki with suggestions for teaching students how to comment on each others' writing

Many resources about blogging-video clips with uses in the classroom, rubric

50 Best Blogs for Educators A variety of good blogs to choose from.