Collaborative Projects

Classroom Book Talks Wiki Students partner with others around the country to write a story together about a book they've read using Google Docs.

About Data Sharing projects A tour of the concept behind and procedures for participating in or constructing a data sharing collaborative project.

CIESE The Center for Innovation in Enginerring and Science has excellent and well-designed projects for math, science, and engineering grades 1-12. World-wide data collection and analysis.

Global Grocery List Project This is the 16th year online for this project. Students use the project grocery list and go to the grocery stoer to learn the prices for the items. they submit these and compare them with others around the world. This project "generates real, peer collected data for student computation, analysis, and conclusion-building within the context of social studies, science, mathematics and other disciplines," according to project founder, David Warlick.

Journey North Projects that study the wildlife migrations and seasonal climate changes. Examples are: Climate Connections, American Robin Migration, Creating a Wildlife Habitat

On the Same Day in March
A wiki project about weather in March around the world. Here is a link to one we participated in.
Our 5th grader's project page

ThinkQuest Many opportunities to participate with other students around the world in long and short-term projects and competitions.

School Lunch Box Project Students communicate about thier lunch contents with other students from around the world.

Collaborative Tools

Skype Great tool for connecting to others around the world using a computer, micrpohone and web camera.
Watch Around the World with 80 Schools video.

Around the World with 80 Schools Impressions from langwitches on Vimeo.


Twitter Tutorial-learn what Twitter is all about.