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Maine's Innovative Computing Initiative: What is 1:1 computing and how does it support learning?

This is a two-year old child today. What will our future third graders be able to do when they arrive at Magellan? How will they expect to learn? What do we need to be teaching to prepare them for safe and ethical use?


Learning and Motivation in the 21st Century

From Wendy -- 21st century learner -- "embracing change" -- "learning out of school is just as impt." -- "talks about digital learning as 'informal learning that needs to work
in conjunction with formal learning'

Added by Wendy -- I really like what the speaker says about the "shift in learning that needs to occur" found in clip at min. 2:58-3:50

21st Century Skills in Action: Critical Thinking. Creativity, Problem-solving

Teaching the 21st Century Learner

21st Century Skills: How Do We Get There?

No Future Left Behind

Learning to Change, Changing to Learn

A Vision of K-12 Students Today


Working Groups Needs Page: Navigate to this page to add the items you need from other working groups.

NC 1:1 Ning Sharing resources for planning and implementation

Vision/Mission Draft

Excellent information about the Digital Conversion at Mooresville Schools
Deploying 1:1 Learning Environments for the 21st Century- A comprehensive guide by Intel

1:1 Computing: A Guidebook to Making the Right Decisions -Another planning guide by Intel and Microsoft

FCC Digital Playbook A guide for K-12 to leverage broadband and rich digital learning experiences


Instructional Practice:
Excellent article about shifting to a student-centered, inquiry-driven classroom: Shift Your Classroom: Small Strategic Steps Watch the video in the article for good examples of what this kind of instruction looks like for the students.
Project-Based Learning

Research as it pertains to instructional practice/outcomes.

Resources for Best instructional practices, Project-based learning, and Technology Integration at Edutopia

A Normal Morning A blog post and video of a classroom using iPads with pairs of students. Great look at one example of technology-supported learning where students take responsibility for their own learning.

Should You Flip Your Classroom? Discussion about the idea of 'flipped" classroom. Moving low-level knowledge acquisition to outside the classroom via teacher made video clips, ebooks, links, etc. (made possible by 24/7 access) so that more valuable learning activities that require problem-solving, collaboration and critical thinking can be done during the school day.
More about flipped classrooms

An iPad in Every Teacher's Hand An article describing the potential of tablet devices. Helps us to keep visualizing possibilities.Some interesting comments follow.

WebQuests present and scaffold problem-based learning projects in a well-organized and accessible manner. They are a tried and true strategy that has been much used for the last 15 years. Here is a free WebQuest maker. This site includes examples from all grades and subject areas. Simple short-term project example: European Explorers.

Life in an Inquiry-Driven, Technology Embedded English Classroom Great article about student-centered learning

Great idea for backchanneling during video in a 1:1 classroom

Environmental Web Quest for Science that utilizes technology to support a project to win a ficticious $1 million award from HOW (Help Our World)

Great Guide to IPads in the Classroom

Assorted articles curated at ScoopIt for 1:1 Implementation

Teaching Language Arts in a 1:1 Classroom

100 Video Sites Every Teacher Should Bookmark

Writing in Math:Computers Work as Well as Pencils-Sometimes Better

January 2012: Netbooks are being evaluated for the 1:1 fall 2012 pilot.

We are currently evaluating the Acer Aspire One netbook
Acer Netbooks
Acer Education brochure

Evaluation Matrix:
Article: 7 Myths About BYOD Debunked I especially like what they discussed in Myth 7.

Chromebook video clips: Chromebook Features Click the video links.

Chromebook reviews from Jean Moorefield Review 1 Chromebook explained-check out the comments section

Lenovo Tablet x120e review

Educational Apps for Various Devices
Top 10 Sites for Educational Apps
Bloomin' IPad Apps- A collection of free apps to support each level of Bloom's taxonomy
Thoughts about the Management of IPad apps as teachers' personal apps vs school property
Android-based: (Lenovo Tablet)
Top 25 Android Apps for Education
Android Education Market

Web Apps for use on Android and Chromebooks: 50+ Killer Apps for Your New Chromebook

Teaching with Your iPad overview of apps for various instructional tasks

Flex Books Create or share e-textbooks.

Technology: Infrastructure, Hardware, Software, Management and Deployment
Sample Work Group Planning for Timeline

Device Management Tools (Network level):

Device Management Tools (Classroom level)

Learning Management Systems
What is a learning management system?

Introduction to Haiku Learning Management System

Engrade is recipient of foundation funding NewSchools Venture

Moodle: Free Learning Management System

Edmodo Learning Community