Resources that are copyright free (mostly)

As the copyright permissions can change over time, it is necessary to check the permissions before using the content.

Copyright for Educators Article and resources from NCWise Owl

Copyright Bay Awonderful explanation of Copyright laws and Fair Use, especially as it pertains to multimedia use.

Great wiki page of many copyright-free or creative commons resources

A good SlideShow to share with students about how Creative Commons Copyright works:

Wiki list of Copyright-Friendly resources (check for appropriateness before using)
Resources for photo, video, audio files including copyright- free.

Copyright-free Images

4 Free Photos ( Can be used free-site the source)
Copyright-free Images and Public Domain Media A collection of resources
Copyright Free Media Resources from NC WiseOwl
Royalty-Free Resources for Education Read about free downloads and use for educators
Many resources for student and teachers Copy-right-free use from EduScape
Huge list of resources from Wikipedia- As with all of these lists, you are still responsible for checking the fine print on all the resource pages. Sometimes policies change and the user is ultimately responsible.
Free Photos Stock photos for free download. Requires that you cite the source.

Creative Commons Photos
How To Attribute Creative Commons Photos by Foter