Online Resources for Common Core and North Carolina Essential Standards

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NC DPI Wiki Central Collection of valuable resources for NC Educators
Links to North Carolina Common Core and Essential Standards
Instructional Support Tools for the NC Essential Standards
Common Core Support Tools
Standards for Mathematical Practice
Shifts in ELA and Mathematics
LearnNC Resources linked to Common Core and Essential Standards

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Social Studies:

DPI K-12 Social Studies Wiki Information and resources
Social Studies at NCWise Owl
Social Studies Learning Activity types: From College of William and Mary: 44 identified types of social studies learning activities. Examples of supporting technologies for each.

DPI Science Wiki Information and resources
Science at NCWise Owl
Science Learning Activity types: From College of William and Mary:40 identified types of science learning activities. Examples of supporting technologies for each.

DPI Common Core Math Essentials Wiki Information and resources Sign up to receive information on the Elementary or Middle School listservs
Math Resources at NCWise Owl
Activity Types Taxonomy from the College of William and Mary: A range of mathematics activities for building lessons and supporting technologies.

Good overview of the Math Common Core Standards

English Language Arts

K-6 Literacy Activity types from the college of William and Mary. Activity types for developing reading and writing skills and supporting technologies.

Really like this about close reading:

A Close Reading Template for teacher planning

Good overview of the ELA Common Core Standards

A LiveBinder of Resources from NCDPI the ELA Common Core Standards

A Self-Study Binder for the ELA Common Core Standards: Information to better understand each standard and sample lessons

ELA Common Core Standards Resources: Appendix 1 Appendix 2 Further explanation of the standards, resources, exemplars and examples.

Implementation of the new standards

This excellent video models implementation of middle school math and language arts Common Core standards:

This excellent video models implementation of elementary school math and language arts Common Core standards.

Information and Technology Essential Standards

Educators and Cyberbullying Video
Building Good Search Skills: What Students Need to Know
Information and Technology Resources for NC Essentials

Online Resources to Support the Essential Standards

Valuable resources:Examples of lessons, exemplars, links to digital resources for standards, lesson plans, etc.
For Teachers and Parents:
Parent's Guide to Student Success: What your child will be learning in English and Math and how to help them. Overview of the Commmon Core.
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Common Core ELA and Math:
Learn Zillion lesson videos linked to CC standards in Math and ELA. Good for flipped classroom, centers, review, introduction.
ePals Common Core Center Video clips, lessons, projects, online tools and more resources to support common core teaching
Educore Literacy and math tools, lessons and resources for the Common Core
204 video segments presenting sample lessons related to Common Core Standards at all grade levels
Resources for Common Core Standards A collection of websites with resources
Wonderful resources linked to Common Core math and ELA essential standards from Utah
Common Core Curriculum Maps for ELA Six units per grade level developed to cover the ELA Core Essentials
Common Core Mapping Project Authors and collaborators of version 1 and 2 of the ELA maps
Common Core Literacy Standards: The Intersection Between Reading and Writing
Elementary math practices related to the Common Core standards
Web 2.0 Tools linked to the CC Math and ELA Standards Examples of interactive web apps to support each standard.
K-5 Math Teaching Resources A collection of links for math resources which can be correlated to standards.
Lesson Units developed by the Center for Teaching and Learning. Includes SMART Board instructional/practice files and homework. Smart files can be used by all teachers with SMART software loaded on their computers.
3rd Grade Math
4th Grade Math
5th Grade Math
6th Grade Math
7th Grade Math 7th Grade Math Accelerated
8th Grade Math 8th Grade Algebra 1
Algebra 1
Shodor Interactive Activities linked to Math Common Core Standards
Ohio Math Common Core Curriculum: Standards correlated to examples and resources. Great resource.
Inside Mathematics: A collection of ideas and activities for teaching math. Check out Problems of the Month, Tools for Educators.
Mathematics Assessment Project: Sample lessons and prototype summative tests for middle school and high school
Many resources from the California Math Project
Real World Math Problems are Everywhere
Writing and Math:Computers Work as Well as Pencils
Real World Math: Using Google Earth in the Math Classroom This website supports the new core curriculum instructional paradigm and integrates the technology essentials
Common Core Mathematical Practices A blog post about supporting the mathematical practices with questioning stems. I sent copies of the question cards via e-mail to Magellan math teachers. Check out the great Algebra links on her blog as well.
Writing in Mathematics An discussion of ways to integrate writing and problem solving in math.
What is computational fluency?
Features of a good task
Edutator Look up CC Standards with details.

Common Core Questions for ELA with questions tied to the standards using favorite novels
The Challenge of Challenging Text
Reading to Learn and Confirm Taking a Look at Reading Strategies for the CCS

NCSTA Learning Resources
Wake County Science wiki
Inquiry Learning
Learning Science Through Inquiry: Online workshop with video clips and support materials.
Inquiry exercises and other resources
FOSS Web Inquiry Science lessons and activities
Questions to Promote Science Inquiry
Science House Learning Activities
LiveBinder for 5th Grade Science Essentials: Includes links to resources
Newly aligned Science Essentials and LearnNC science content/resources
Henderson County Science resources

Social Studies:
NCCSS Learning Resources
NCSS Lessons
Curriculum Resources
PBS Social Studies Activity Packs
Middle School SS Curriculum
Kathy Schrock's Guide To History and Social Studies
Teaching History with the Common Core
Common Core and Historical Thinking Applying Common Core standards to reading and critical thinking in SS
Connecting the Common Core to Social Studies Content
Picturing America and the Common Core Strategy for applying Common Core practices to the analysis of historical pictures and supporting documents
21 Online Map Creators for Students A list of web apps for creating online maps
Fifth grade social studies resources

All Content Areas:
K-12 Library of Online resources Links for all subject area content. Can be correlated to support the CC and essential standards.
Thinkfinity A large collection of lesson plans, media, and interactives correlated to the CC and essential standards.
Internet4Classrooms Standards-Based links
Common Core Digital Resources Tools for creating, collaborating, researching, and sharing in all content areas
Text Complexity and Lexile Bands
Using WebQuests to Fullfill Common Core Standards
A Symbaloo of Common Core Links
An Update on the Think, Pair, Share Strategy for classroom learning
Wonderful Ideas for Formative Assessment Strategies in the Classroom: Check for Understanding
Wiki from Iredell-Statesville Schools in NC

LiveBinders of Various Resources for Grade Levels and Content Areas

LearnNC is aligning all their lesson plans with the new Core and NC Essential Standards during the 2011-2012 school year.
SAS in Schools Curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards.

A collection of links to more information about Common Core. I will try to sift through these soon for you and post the most relevant ones.

Video:Common Core State Standards: A New Foundation for Student Success

From the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction:



Instruction for the essentials is intended to target higher levels of Bloom's revised taxonomy.

Questioning Stems for Bloom's Revised Taxonomy
Stick Pick App for iPad Select question stems for each student
Essential Questions: the heart of project or inquiry learning.


Here are some visuals that link digital resources to Bloom's. Included are links for Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and iPad apps as well.