Video Creation and Video Resources

Student and teacher created videos are a great way to explore educational topics. There are many tools available to assist with this process: digital cameras, video cams, phones, tablets, flip cameras-

Here is a good video to get you started with video basics: Using Video to Improve Practice: Video 101
A summary of the tips discussed in the video:
  1. Use a tripod or hold the camera close to your body.
  2. Don’t shoot towards a window. Either move the camera or move the subject.
  3. Don’t forget to press the record button!
  4. If you are not using an external microphone, get the camera as close as you can to the subject for the best audio.
  5. Always hold your camera in landscape mode for video or photos you are going to use in a video.
  6. Don’t pan too fast and be judicious with the use of zoom.
  7. Remember to back-up your raw footage to a computer or external drive.

Looking for great information about video studio set up and equipment? Here is a great resource.