Differentiated Instruction
Differentiated instruction encourages students to successfully reach their full potential by providing learning experiences geared to their individual strengths, weaknesses, learning styles, interests and needs. Differentiated lessons may include modifications in content, process, product, and learning environment.

Connections-NC is Linda Robinson's excellent website with great resources for differentiation, creative and critical thinking.
Article from Learn NC with many examples of differentiation
K-12 Tiered Lessons in all subject areas
Tools for Differentiation Strategies for differentiating instruction in your classroom.

Why differentiate? How? Everything DI is a great resource for those who are interested in creating a differentiated classroom.

Have you considered technology as a tool for differentiating ?

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

Great podcast about Differentiating Instruction with Technology in the Middle School

Watch this page as it develops with many resources for individualizing instruction.

Great article: Differentiating Instruction: Why Bother? by Carol Tomlinson

Steps Towards Creating a Differentiated Classroom.doc- Where are you on this continuum?
Making a Difference Carol Ann Tomlinson explains how differentiated instruction works and why it is so important
Simple Layered Curriculum Units A strategy for differentiating in mixed ability classrooms
Differentiated Instruction Tips and strategies from a Special Educator in Canada
Teacher Tap: Technology and Learning Strategies for using technology for multiple intelligence and other differentiated tasks
Teachley's Amazing Brain Information about brain research and teaching ideas to facilitate learning
Responsive Teaching Article about implementing a "resonse-to-intervention" framework
Enhancing Learning with Technology Ways to differentiate instruction
Differentiation Strategies
How to Plan for Differentiated Instruction A Step by Step Guide
A Differentiated Classroom
A Different Place Information and ideas about differentiated instruction for gifted learners
Resources for Differentiated Instruction Learning styles, instructional theory, tips, lesson ideas
Bloom's Taxonomy Revised A look at Bloom's taxonomy and Bloom's digital taxonomy for the 21st CenturyBloom's Taxonomy Verb Wheel Tactics that Encourage Critical Thinking- A list of strategies for use in the classroomAbout Higher Order Thinking Skills by IntelIdeas for Differentiation from Teacher Tools
Tools for Pre and Post Assessment/ Data-driven Instruction
Study Island includes pre and post assessments, games, and reports to assess, practice, and analyze student skills in amth, reading, writing, and science. Correlates to the NC Standard Course of Study.
Quia contains many quizzzes created and shared by other teachers, and the tools to create various quizzes and record data for students.
Quiz Maker is a free tool for creating quizzes and collecting data for student mastery.
CPS by eInstruction allows the creation of quizzes with instant feedback as students use the infrared response system to respond. Teachers can view real-time data or generate reports.
Microsoft Mouse Mischief is a free application that works with PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. Teachers are able to add multiple choice and Yes/No questions to their presentations and students can use USB 2.4 GHz wireless mice to respond and to circle or draw answers. Windows 7 or Vista is needed and several powered USB 2.0 hubs.
Learning games for Mouse Mischief