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This page is intended for the sharing of resources and information about global education. See also the Collaborative Projects Page.

  • What is global education?
  • Why is it important?

If you haven't seen this already, watch

Shift Happens

Cross Cultural Quotations

National Geographic's 7 Billion Series
7 Billion video
Faces of 7 Billion video

Compare world data visually at Gapminder

WeatherSpark Compare current weather and weather history around the world

The Boston Globe's Big Picture
Dancing Around the World
China Today

Learn French: Free video lessons that would work well for language centers in the classroom.

Earthquakes in Japan
USGS map of earthquakes over the last week/day/hour
Latest earthquakes around the world during the last week

Local Timeswidget: Add the local times widget to your wiki or webpage. Consider having students create wiki pages about different locations and embed the Local Times widget in order to compare the time zones.

International Education and Geography Awareness WeekGAW_Logo-A_Color_copy.jpg
November 14-20th, 2010 Water in the World-Fresh Water
Special resources:
My Wonderful World/ Geography Awareness Week. Link to video clip and many other resources.
Water Use Interactive Match the water use activity with the amount of water used.
Internet Scavenger Hunt about Global, National, State, Local, and Household Water Topics
Freshwater Films List of videos. Also many DE Streaming water videos available.
Ground Water and Drinking Water Activities and Lessons from the EPA
Freshwater blog with links to video clips and activities-Topics such as water issues in Himalaya, Mekong, Kenya, California, The Great Lakes...Australian drought
Water Footprint Calculator
Hidden Water How much water does it take to get a pound of beef? A chicken? Milk?
Freshwater Water Conflict Picture Gallery-Water problems around the world
Water News- Great for science/ geography current events
Test Your Water IQ A series of quizzes
Expedition Blue Planet 2010 Join a 5-month water expedition across North America to examine water issues.
Water Partner Schools Help bring water and sanitation to schools around the world. Community service ideas.
Green Guide Ideas and resources for going green and protecting our world. Includes water information.
Greendex Which country is the "greenest"? Locate countries and compare.
Calculate your "Greendex score"
Save Water NC
Download a free copy of the magazine: Water Our Thirsty World during November

Other Resources for Geography
Top Ten Ways to Give Students the World List of suggestions for educators to help their students become global citizens.
National Geographic Free ToolKit Build a large map of Europe or the Americas-everything you need plus activities
Geo Mentorprogram
Excellent videofrom Mast Elementary School in Massachusetts about the school's integration of geography
Geography Action Lessons and resources
HabitatsConnecting geography and science-Resources, maps and lessons K-12
Is Your School Geography Ready? School checklist

World View Steps to Becoming Globalized; Steps to a Global Classroom; resources
International Reads
Food Around the World
Global Quizzes and Games for Kids
Lesson Plans from Facing the Future Free lesson plans for global education and sustainability-can be downloaded
Peace Corps World Wise School Lesson plans
Shout This website offers an opportunity for students to examine global environmental issues, listen to experts, problem solve and collaborate with others around the world.Partners are the Smithsonian, TakingIt Global, and Microsoft.
Pennies for Peace This organization is an outgrowth of the Central Asia Institute and Greg Mortenson's work in Two Cups of Tea. Materials for lessons and to support schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Global Education as Good Pedagogy An article from NC Learn
Next Up: The Global Generation An article from Michael J. Adams
Middle East Resources for Educators From World View
Rotary Global Webfriends Program Follow a Rotary Scholar abroad and participate in opportunities for communication and inquiry
Earth Calendar A compilation of holidays and celebrations around the world
Playing for Change A group of musicians from around the world make several great music videos to promote peace and understanding through music.
TakingIt Global A network of educators and youth addressing global issues. Lesson plans, topics for discussion. Great resource for topics for persuasive writing, current events.
Global Collaborative Global ed projects, discussions, resources
Activity: Mapping a World of Facts Read world facts and find the location on a world map.
Feeding Minds, Fighting Hunger
United Nations Cyberschool BusTeaching about Global Teaching and Learning Project
One World Classroom Global projects and connections to other classes
Carolina Navigator's speaker list for 2009-2010
Wiring the Web for Global Good A video about the impact of global web communications concerning world events
You Think Website about world issues
Word Step Looking up and learning words in many different foreign languages
ThinkQuest Join projects with many other classes around the world. Many short-term projects as well as longer ones. Ask Jeanne for an account invitation.
National Geographic Xpeditions Activities based upon the U.S.National Geography standards.

Tools: Technology tools and applications which can be utilized for global classroom experiences

100 Web Tools to Enhance Collaboration Tools for online writing, sharing group work, communication such as whiteboards, chat, video meetings.
Skype Communication tool using VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol). Install the software on your computer and instant message, video conference, or make a phone call free over the Internet.
ePals Teacher moderated email for students, projects, and connections to world classrooms.
WiziQ Meet and collaborate in an online classroom using WiziQ. Share documents, images, presentations and whiteboard.
VoiceThread A collaborative multimedia application for sharing images, documents, and discussions. Students may leave comments in various formats: voice, text, video-even over the phone.
Chatmaker Set up a free online meeting place for instant chat. Invite others to your discussion forum by sending the URL.
Twiddla Free online meeting place. No account necessary. Meeting place for web conferencing includes chat and sharing of whiteboard for drawing, markup and sharing of documents and images.

Great idea for using Twitter to Teach Geography