Google Workshops January 2013

As Magellan transitions to its Google Education domain, use these resources to update your Google skills:
Video tutorials for Google Drive 2012
Google Drive and Docs
Google Tools for Schools
Guide to Google Education Docs/Drive
Additional Fonts for Google Docs

What Teachers Need to Know About Using Google Drive and Google Docs

Google Drive and Docs for Teachers 2012 by richardbyrne

Love these ideas! Click each idea to see examples and more information. Mouse over the Glogster title to expand to larger view.

Slide Show about using Google Docs for Classroom Writing

Session 2: Getting Acquainted with Google Forms and Google Calendar

Guide to Google Education Forms
72 Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom
Innovative Uses of Google Forms
Using Google Forms to Create A Self-Grading Quiz Answers must be an exact match for this to work.

Guide to Google Education Calendar
Tutorial for Google Calendar 2012

Session 3 Creating Google Sites for Teachers and Students

A handout to explain what Google Sites is and ideas for use in the classroom

Examples of Google Sites
Teacher's Guide on the Use of Google Sites in the Classroom
Body System Survivior Class teams use this website as a jumping off and presentation source for competing their Human Body Survivor Challenge
7th Grade Social Studies Amazing Race Google Site Students research geographical terms, create Google Maps and document their adventures on their Google blogs
Class website
8th Grade Social Studies Class Site Calendar, assignments, links-everything in one place to inform students
Math blog Links to resources, embedded instructional video
5th Grade Reading Site Teacher creates sites for each literature study A Long Way from Chicago
Student created site for Poetry Project Another project Poetry Project 3
3rd Grade Class site with embedded math lessons, Google Doc presentations, and more
4th Grade Class Site
Excellent 5th grade class site
Reading, Writing and Language
Math page
US History

Sample directions for students to create a Google Site Includes how to create a Google Map for their Google Site and a Google Form quiz

Google in the Classroom

Google is more than a search engine. It provides many free tools for learning, productivity, communication, collaboration, and sharing. Best of all, use your iGoogle page, or a Google Site to pull together all of your online personal learning network information and resources-a one-stop shopping place, more or less. Or create a class website.

To begin, set up a Google account. You might also want a Google Mail account. Once you have an account, you can set up you iGoogle page to include daily news delivered to your page, weather, task lists, favorite blogs and RSS feeds, links, calendar and more. There are hundreds of applications to include.

Everything Google wiki with information and video clips about all the various Google Apps.

Live Binders about Google Tools:

Google Maps and Google Earth can be used to create Treks or Lit Trips that correlate with studies in all content areas.

Google Treks Directions about creating treks and examples for science, amth, language arts, and social studies.

Google Earth isn't just for social studies!

Watch Twenty-Three Ways to Use Google Earth in the Classroom

Google Docs can be used to create and store your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online. They are great collaboration tools for sharing and editing documents between teams of students. Forms (surveys) can be created and embeded on your site. Lots more!

Some Things to know about Google Docs:

  1. Since the documents can be located and stored online at GoogleEducation, they can be accessed from anywhere online-whereas the Magellan Y drives and remote access are an issue for home access-although students will have some storage on the netbook itself that they can use (C drive). However, they would want to back up their C drive storage on the network.
  2. Google Docs allows sharing of documents between student and teacher, and multiple students-good for collaborating on projects, for peer editing, and teacher feedback. Teachers can collaborate on newsletters, etc. without having to email back and forth various versions.
  3. Students would have an education account in our Magellan Google Education domain. We would be able to use the controls to establish the levels of use and privacy. They could have an email account in the domain as well. I would set up all the accounts.
  4. In Google Education, websites called Google Sites can be created for classes.
  5. Google Docs will open Microsoft Office and Open Office documents, convert them, and then save them as Google Docs, or allow export to MS Office or Open Office. So you can use all the documents you already have, or easily work back and forth from the Office software on your laptop.
  6. Google Docs can be accessed from multiple devices such as iPad or iTouches or Android devices, as well as additional home computers. Students could use other devices at home if they have trouble with their netbook.
  7. The software is very similar to Office and has most of the same features. Missing would be ClipArt galleries.
  8. Many of the school systems in the state are using this and found the transition to be easy. The teachers and students have been very positive about the switch.
  9. Students can be placed in groups (class periods, small groups, etc.) and documents sent to particular groups.
  10. Templates are available and can also be created and shared with students and teachers.
  11. Google Docs also includes a drawing program, and Forms-a way of creating quizzes, polls and surveys.
  12. Google has a bookmarking tool for students to save Favorites to Google and have them everywhere.

Watch Thirty-Two Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom

Excellent presentation about Google Ed created in Prezi

Google Aps for Teachers

Google offers many free applications ranging from Google Earth and Google Maps to Google Mail and Google Sites, Google Search, Google Documents, and more.

Tutorials for Google Tools such as Docs, Google Earth, etc.

Directions for Creating and Sharing a Web Page easily with Google Docs

Tutorials for Many Google Apps Learn tips and trick for using many applications.

100+ Tips for Using Google that Will Save You Time in School Excellent search tips and strategies, information about many Google apps.

Google for Educators Resources, tutorials, Google Academy

Be a Better Internet Surfer Resources to improve Google Web searches

Tutorials about Google Apps for Teachers

YouTube GoogleDoc Community Video tutorials, how-tos

Wiki and Glogster Poster about using Google Search options

Guide to Using Google Forms and associated archived webinar

100 Ways That Google Can Make You a Better Educator