Inspiration and Kidspiration are titles for software that allows the user to easily create graphic organizers. Many students today are visual learners. Visual graphics help student to analyze and retain the information that they have studied. It helps them to organize their thoughts and begin to see how concepts are related or connected. The use of graphic organizers allows opportunities for critical thinking and the development of study skills.

Additional resources for Kidspiration and Inspiration software can be found on our Magellan network Staff Development Drive.

The following books are available for checkout in the Technology Office:
  • Kidspiration in the Classroom: Reading Essentials
  • Kidspiration in the Classroom: Math Made Visual
  • The Thinking Classroom: Using Inspiration to Meet Curriculum Standards

Inspiration/Kidspiration Internet Resources:
The Inspired Learning Community
Lesson Plans, Activity templates, links to webinars
Kidspiration 3 Website Examples, tutorials, resources
Inspiration Website Examples, tutorials, resources
50 Uses for Kidspiration and Inspiration A list of integration ideas, a rubric for graphic organizers, and lesson examples
Inspiration Examples Great templates and examples for across the curriculum/ elementary and middle school. I especially like the template for the Scientific process and the example for current events.
Inspiration Links Links to various sites with integration examples and templates
More Links to Other Teacher-Created Integration Examples
Ideas for Using Graphic Organizers
Organizing Information with Graphic Organizer Tools From the Center to Improve practice in Special Education-great ideas for classroom practices, organizing ideas, and study skills