Language Arts Resources

Reader's Theater Scripts from folktales, tall tales, legends, and books including The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm.


ALA 2010 Notable Children's Books
Reading Novels with activities and Jeopardy games
Poetry Resources from Thinkfinity Lessons, interactives, activities, podcasts, poets
Poetry Month Many resources from Orange County Libraries, Florida
Skype an Author The goal of this website is to provide teachers with contacts for author collaborations. Author's collaborate for free or for a small fee online. There are many popular authors included.
American Folklore Folktales for Kids including trickster tales, tall tales, Native American myths and legends and more.Aaron's World of Stories A collection of folktales, tall tales, legends, myths.From the ALA's Great Websites for Kids- a list of the Best Websites for Favorite Children's StoriesFrom the ALA: Great Websites for BiographiesExpanding the Classics: A list of resources with books and stories online from the ALAUse Literature maps to locate similar authors to those you really enjoy. Review. Literature Maps websiteElements of a Story interactiveChildren's Storybooks Online


Inside Story Vocabulary Flash cards- Great pictures to assist students in remebering words. Good for Wrod of the Day, differentiated independent vocabulary lists, centers, writing prompts, team competitions... Review
VocabAhead Vocabulary with definitions and visuals. Check out the SAT words and video clips or create your own custom vocabulary list. Great word of the day video clips. Would also be good for a center activity.
Online Scrabble Set the play for two, three, or four players and choose English.
The Fridge Magnet Poetry Board Drag words to form poetry or sentences. Click to Enter the Fridge.
Make a Word Using the letter in the displayed word, create as many other words as possible.Idiom Dictionary- 5,000 Idioms Vocabulary level best for middle school and beyond

Reading Comprehension

Story Works Lesson plans, interactive lessons, video, whiteboard resources
A great collection of Reading Resources for grades K-12 including reading strategies, online libraries, vocabulary tools and more.
Interactive Plot Structure lesson for grades 6-8
Guys Read A website to encourage boys to read. Books for guys recommended by Guys.
TextMapping Strategies using scrolls Very interesting and successful reading strategy.Strategies for Reading Comprehension Before During and After Reading103 Things to Do Before, During, and After ReadingComprehension InteractivesCreate comprehension tests




Using Tumblr writing prompts Review and suggestions for use
A great collection of Writing Resources for grades K-12 including interactive websites, writing guides, and graphic organizers among others.

Tarheel Reader Create a book for your students, or create one together as a shared writing experience. Books can be viewed, downloaded, and read along with a text reader. Great practice for struggling readers.

Tikatok Students can write and publish their own books. Upload student drawn pictures or photos. eBooks can be downloaded for 2.99 and soft or hard cover editions published starting at $13.00.

Great Websites for Children's Writing by the ALA A list of places to read and submit student writing.

Storybird Students can easily create their own storybook with text and illustrations. Teachers are able to set up classes without email addresses and control privacy settings. Students can read other public writing. Public librairies are reviewed for appropriate content. Books can be shared or published to hard copy($).

Reading and Writing Connection

The Exquisite Corpse Adventure Affiliated with the Library of Congress, several well-known authors write episodes for this progressive story each month for a year. Great motivator for reading. Students can also participate in an associated writing oportunity as each authors presents their Exquisite writing prompts each month.

Skype an Author Many free Skype sessions with children's and young adult authors about their writing experiences.