Edmodo: Tool for Organizing, Communicating, Collaborating, and Managing Classes

Edmodo is a great free tool for online classroom collaboration spaces. Here is a brief description of its capabilities.
  • Teachers can create various student and professional groups, share control of the groups with another teacher, and offer parents the opportunity to sign up as group members.
  • Files can be uploaded and distributed with assignments; online multimedia can be embedded, and links posted.
  • Teachers are able to make assignments, attaching files and links.
  • Students may complete the assignment and then submit it in Edmodo for the teacher to grade and respond.
  • Teachers and students can use their calendar application to post dates and deadlines.
  • There is also a polling tool.
  • Teachers may communicate to other teacher connections, to the student groups, to individual students, and to parents. Students may communicate with the teacher or the entire group. They are not able to post to other individual students.

Using Edmodo in Your Classroom

A brief Student StartUp Guide presentation
A Guide to Everything Edmodo Directions for most of Edmodo's features
Four Easy Ways to Connect with Parents on Edmodo Article with directions
Blog about Top Applications that Are Being Embedded in Edmodo and explanation of educational relevance
Sample letter to parents for permission and explaining school use

Edmodo in 5 Minutes or Less