Math Resources

Math Playground An excellent collection of free math interactives such as virtual manipulatives, games, word problems, instructional videos, and more from elementary through algebra and geometry. Great with interactive white boards.

Classroom 2.0 resources for Math Playground From the webinar about Math Interactives
Link to Classroom 2.0 webinar archive for Math Playground Great demonstration and explanation of many of the math tools available. Eluminate will download a Java applet for the webinar. Navigate to about 15:15 minutes into the webinar to begin looking at the Math Playground. (Drag the slider at the bottom to adjust the time). New to Math Playground? This is well-worth your time.

Math is Fun-Algebra Through this collection of definitions lessons, problem-solving steps and strategies and example questions, you'll learn why completing an algebra problem is a lot like solving a puzzle. Users explore exponents, simplifying, factoring, logarithms, polynomials, linear equations, quadratic equations and functions.

Thinking Blocks Great tool for engaging students in algebraic reasoning and problem solving. Visual tools, explanation-great for interactive white boards.
Sample lesson: Solving Ratio Word Problems

**Math Apprentice** Students take on the role of an apprentice in several businesse to learn "How will we ever use this math again in the real world?" For students grades 4-7. Good materials to enrich and extend math.

Learn How to Use Math Apprentice in the Middle School Classroom

Try Dynamic Paper from Thinkfinity. Teachers can create custom math pages using various shapes and math tools such as number lines, graphs, nets, number grids, tessellations, and more, then download these as jpegs or pdfs or print these for their students.

Math at the Movies Video clips and activities from PBS. Math and stunts and more.

Mathematics in the Movies A collection of popular movie clips from Harvard. Night at the Museum II, etc.

Calculation Nation Join the nation to play interactive math games and challenge others around the world to play while practicing math skills. Currently 16 games included. Part of Thinkfinity and Illuminations.

Math Awareness Month Resources from Thinkfinity. Lessons, interactives, activities for math instruction

Best Math Websites for Kids from the ALA review

List of great math Internet resources for grades 3-6. Listed by math standard.

Math Blog of resources for elementary math teachers.

Visual Fractions Resources for teaching fractions: identifying parts, parts of groups, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Great for interactive white boards.

PowerPoint Online Games for Math including algebra, geometry

Algebraic Problem Solving Using Spreadsheets A series of demonstrations and problems to solve using an Excel spreadsheet.

Lure of the Labyrinth A math problem solving game for middle school students.

Krytos Coding from NOVA. Stimulating video clip about Krytos coding and activities to challenge capable math student exploration.

17 Ways to Individualize for Your Math Classroom A great list of online math resources in categories such as basic fact practice, interactive sites, real world math, etc.

Math Games for Kids organized by grade level and computation type

Math Vocabulary List of words by grade level with practice, games,flashcards, and tests

Virtual Base Ten blocks Interactive game for numeration

Math Pickle This website contains videos that present math problem solving opportunities for grades K-12. Students apply mathmatical reasoning skills and critical thinking.
Review of the website and ideas for using it.

Interactive activity for comparing decimals to the thousandths place. Students use the computer mouse, or the whiteboard pen to draw a greater than or less than sign. Answer questions as quickly as possible to get the best score before time runs out.

Clothesline Number Sequence Activity Students watch for patterns in number sequences and type the correct numbers

Interactive Division Practice

List of Apps for Common Core Math Standards grades 6-8

Math Wire resources linked to NCTM Standards

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Johnnie's Math Page A collection of interactive games and activities

Free Math PowerPoints

Math Live

Real World Math: Using Google Earth in the Math Classroom