Using QR Codes for Teaching and Learning

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Everyone is probably familiar with seeing QR codes used for advertising and other commercial ventures. QR stands for Quick Response. With the increasing use of smart and mobile devices in education and the accessibility to cameras and QR readers, new educational applications have been developed. To use QR codes you need access to the Internet and a device like a smart phone, iTouch or tablet with a camera and the QR scanning software installed.

QR code activities get students out of their chairs, promote exploration, provide opportunities for collaboration, save paper, are interactive, and allow for sharing of content in an engaging manner. QR codes can lead to anything online, such as websites, videos, or audio files.

Enjoy learning more about potential applications for teaching and learning as you explore these resources.

What are QR Codes?


QR Code Readers

QR code readers and generators are available for many mobile devices and operating systems such as Android and Apple mobile OS. They can downloaded online from the markets and other websites.

Reader and Generator for iPhone, iPad and 4th Generation iTouch

QR Barcode Scanner for Android

QuickMark for iPhone and Android

Understanding QR Codes and Classroom Applications: A webinar Great explanation of how QR codes work and the benefits for using in the classroom. Also ideas for the classroom. An excellent starting place.

How to use QR Codes: An Animation

QR Stuff A website with generator of codes to print for classes. Additional resources

Ideas for using QR Codes for Instruction

How to Use QR Codes in Student ProjectsEdutopia: Using QR Codes in the Classroom

Edutopia: Twelve Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes

LiveBinder of Ideas: QR Codes in Education

Black and White and Scanned All Over: A video of student project ideas using QR codes

Using QR Codes in the Classroom