Science Resources

Great Science Websites for Kids A list of 25 interesting sites from the American Library Association

An environmental science web quest that encourages critical thinking. Good idea-compete to win a million dollar award...could be rewritten for many topics.
Web Adventures: Explore Science: From Rice University activities for middle school science related to science careers and science process.
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STEM Connects A collection of resources to support STEM aducation
Siemens STEM Academy STEM educators sharing best practices, lessons and resources

National Lab Day Connects scientists and engineers with classrooms to provide authentic learning experiences and assistance with projects

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Life Science

The Science of Spring Activities about plants and seeds for elementary students.
A list of Zoos and Aquariums online
From Great Websites for Kids: Animal websites
A list of great Biology websites including plants, cells, genetics, human body, bugs, health, diseases and more
Google Earth trees in Google Earth 6 Explore more than 50 diverse trees around the world
Draw a Habitat- Students must consider the needs of an imaginary animal and draw an appropriate habitat. Good critical and creative thinking skill activity.
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Astonomy and Space

A collection of Astronomy and Space websites from the ALA Best Websites
Use the WorldWide Telescope to view the night sky and mars, etc. using the computer as a virtual telescope.

Environmental Science

BP Energy Calculator Students can calculate their carbon footprint
A collection of websites about environment and weather from the ALA Best Websites
Water Cycle interactive
Learn all about Energy-uses, sources, costs, and efficiency
Rocks and Minerals A great simulation/ discussion about rocks and how they are formed. Suitable for elementary grades.
WeatherSpark -Compare current weather and weather history for places around the world.

Excellent Periodic Table of the elements including real-life examples of what they are used for
Periodic Table with demonstration videos about each element.

Science and Technology
Learn about codes, ciphers, robotics, inventors and inventions: A collection of websites from the ALA